The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

When you think Ultra Runner, your first thoughts might be of someone consuming pasta, pizza, and potatoes by the truck-load as they fill themselves up on calories and the all-important ‘carb-load’, but is that really needed as an ultra runner? What about us paleo/primal folk? What about the high fat diet of an ultra runner?

Well, that’s where Ultra Runner and all-around bad ass Timothy Olson comes in. Timothy has not only won a bunch of ultra runs but is also a 2 times winner AND record holder of the famous Western States 100 where in 2012 he completed the worlds oldest 100 mile race in just 14:46:44; Super impressive.

Timothy also achieves these incredible feats of endurance whilst eating a paleo/primal way, debunking the thought that we need to consume heavy amounts of carbs to keep us going.

Watch the video below to find out more about Timothy Olson and the high fat diet of an ultra runner.


As well as running incredible distances through the mountains, Timothy also found value in daily meditation practice, realising that this can have profound benefits on his mental and physical health. There are many benefits to meditation and you can find out more about why you should meditate and what it does to your body here