Teach Your Kids to Grow: Plant ‘n’ Grow Plantalicious Review

Would you like to teach your kids to grow plants?

I was given the chance to review this product by Plant ‘n’ Grow and although it has been a while since I received the product, my kids and I have had fun growing.

Here’s how we got on with our plants and what both myself and my cavekids thought of the product.

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First Impressions

When we first got the box it was all neatly packed and there’s been some careful thought put into the packaging which was good to see from my perspective. My cavekids found it fascinating with all the fact leaflets that came with the product that gave some information on what they were about to grow, they were eager to get growing!

What’s In The Box?

Considering the box is not that big you get quite a bit, here’s a list of what you get:

  • Seed Packets
  • Mini Greenhouse
  • 6x Magic Compost Discs
  • Wooden Plant Markers
  • 5-Step Instructions
  • Fun Activity Card
  • Pencil
  • Stickers

The seeds that you get to grow are:

  • Greek Basil
  • Carrot Nantes
  • Nasturtium (Tom Thumb)
  • Cherry Tomatoes

Let’s Get Started!

So once we had read the instructions (which were very simple to understand) the cavekids were ready to plant the seeds.



We took our seeds and divided them up as best as we could for our ‘magic’ compost discs. We had loads of seeds left over so this product is not like some that I have seen and used in the past where you get barley enough to ensure that you can grow something.

We used 2 for tomatoes, 2 for basil, 1 for carrots and 1 for the Nasturtium. So we added our water, labelled the discs, decorated the mini greenhouse and placed them on the windowsill and eagerly waited.

20150512_194330 20150517_184010


Hello Little Ones

So after just two days we had blast off! I was surprised to see that we had some seedlings already and the cavekids were amazed to see that the little seeds have come to life.


As you can see from the pictures, the plants started to grow very quickly, there’s only 5 days difference between the two pics. So as you can imagine it didn’t take long before we had to upgrade the mini greenhouse to something bigger.

20150531_155451 20150531_155855

It’s Working

Not only are we having fun growing these plants but the cavekids are becoming more and more interested in what they are growing and how it’s happening. I found my daughter on Google checking out the life cycle of plants and my son asked me about other plants and vegetables that he can eat.

If you have kids then you will probably know that in today’s age it’s hard to peel them away from their game stations, phone, tablets etc, so to have them actively interested in a subject such as this is a reward in itself for any parent.

A Few Weeks Later – There’s a Problem!

OK so it’s been a few weeks now and as you can see from the pictures the plants have grown quite a bit now and the kids have been doing well (with my help) to ensure the plants have been kept watered.

We have encountered a problem though – Leaf Hoppers.

Our Greek basil has become infested in leaf hoppers and they have munched their way through the leaves, it was no good we had to say our goodbyes and place the plants outside.

20150623_103349 20150623_103352 20150625_174400


If you look closely you can see the white leaf hopper hanging onto the leaf.

I used this an opportunity to educate the cavekids though, and explained why we were not just going to throw the plants in the bin, but leave them in the garden as other animals will want to eat the leaf hoppers such as lady birds.

We Have Flowers – Woo Hoo!



The Nasturtium has now started to flower and they’re really pretty flowers, I took this as a sign to try some of the leaves and see if they are as peppery as people claim.

So here it goes, we each take a leaf and get munching. Wow, these little beauties sure do have a peppery taste to them. I was surprised to see the cavekids try and eat them but I think having them watch and grow the plants has got them wanting to experience everything about the plants, including the taste.

They’re Taking Over

It’s been roughly 12 weeks now since we first planted out seeds and as you can see they have now decided that they want to take over.

This has actually become a sight that we have all began to enjoy, it’s nice to see nature becoming a part of our family and settling in comfortably. But what you may have noticed is the plant pot size has increased again, they are just getting too big now for their little pots. Plus we found that just water alone wasn’t enough for the tomato plants so we purchased some tomato feed (mainly blood & bone).

20150801_114501 20150801_114455 20150801_114458


We Have Tomatoes

Well this was exciting seeing that we have a tomato growing on our plant, but considering the size of the plant it was a bit disappointing to see only one tomato (Spoiler alert – it still only grew one tomato)

But the cavekids got very excited over this, they had waited patiently for this to happen. You can see in the picture that the tomato has a really rich red colour but seems to be swamped in the jungle of leaves.

20150801_114509 20150819_230354


It’s Harvesting Time

The time has come to start harvesting, we may only have one tomato and enjoyed eating peppery leaves but it’s now time to pull up the carrots and end our little growing journey. We have enjoyed watching the tomato plant become the Incredible Hulk, the carrots poke their heads out of the soil and the Nasturtium try and reach across to the other side of the kitchen.

The carrots came up and either we have grown into giants over night or these are incredibly small. Lesson learnt here I think, don’t cram so many seeds into one pot!

20150819_230406 20150826_192510 20150826_192633 20150826_192734 20150826_192739



Well was it worth it?

A big fat green fingered yes to that.

The cavekids have learnt more about growing their own food, and along the way I have used it to educate them more on the importance of growing our own food to avoid harmful chemicals etc.

They have learnt that you need to keep plants watered and gave me a chance to talk to them about photosynthesis and how this works (I knew my uni certificate in Natural Science would come in handy one day)

And it’s not just about the learning aspect that I have liked about this, but even just the chance to do something with my children and enjoy an experience together has made it worthwhile. I love spending time with my kids and teaching them the magic of life so this has been a perfect opportunity.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes definitely. The seeds grow really well, the instructions are clear to understand and there’s plenty of seeds to get you going.

Anything You Need To Be Aware Of?

Just be prepared to buy some new pots and some plant food, as you have seen these plants can grow quite big so you will need to invest in these if you don’t have them already.

The Score

So out of 5 cavemen I give this product 4 out of 5. The price of £13.95 seem reasonable enough considering how well the plants grew and what comes in the box. The only real reason I didn’t give 5/5 is because of the need to buy some more pots and food that’s not mentioned in the start but it’s no big issue, you can pick up plastic pots fairly cheap.



Plant ‘n’ Grow have a whole range of growing kits available, check them out here – Plant ‘n’ Grow Products.

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