PRODUCT REVIEW – Kloom men’s lycra training shoes.

20150114_201558 (2)I’ve had my eyes on some barefoot training shoes for a while and like most people I have a budget. So while I have heard great things about the market leader the Vibram Five Finger shoes, I wanted something that was similar but without the Vibram price tag. I stumbled upon these, the Kloom men’s lycra training shoe, these were found on Amazon at a fraction of the price. Now if you’re anything like me I will check the reviews, find some more reviews and then look for more reviews again before deciding to purchase any product. No one likes to waste their hard earned cash on a product that only lasts 5 minutes.

The reviews I had read for this were very good on Amazon and over time I have come to trust Amazon reviews as they are nearly always spot on. I did try and search for other reviews but could not find any where else that have reviewed these, slightly off-putting when purchasing a product but based on the Amazon review I was happy to hand over my card details.

According to Amazon the price for these shoes should be £59.99 but currently in the sale at a mere £29.99 + £3.99 for postage, bargain I said to myself. What was also important to me with my size 11 (UK) feet was the fit, buying shoes online is always risky as most people will know, not every shoe maker seems to make their shoes the same size, however according to 100% of satisfied customers they are an exact fit.20150114_201611

The Kloom lycra shoe only comes in a men’s version which is a little disappointing considering how many female fitness enthusiasts there are, but the bright yellow colour should attract both men and women. The Amazon description states that the shoes are breathable, controls moisture, has a unique spring back sole which will retain 95% of its thickness without flattening and has anti-microbial agents to prevent any unwanted fungus or foot odour.

The shoes arrived within the estimated delivery time and came in their own drawstring bag. Inside the bag with the shoes was a handwritten note from Kloom thanking me for my purchase, now i like this from companies, it’s a nice personal touch and I feel this immediately gives a good feeling about the company without even trying the product.

So without hesitation i slipped the shoes on and as these are the first barefoot shoes I’ve tried I was surprised at how they initially felt. It was a strange feeling poking each toe into their own little compartment but once on they felt great, very lightweight and just like socks for my feet with the extra protection. That night it was my leg and lower back workout, so what better timing to try out these shoes, perfect for squats and deadlifts I thought. I entered the gym showing off my new bumble bee coloured shoes, I knew I would get some looks but I’m there to get fit, not for a fashion parade. After a light 3 mile run and my leg and lower back routine I was impressed with how the shoes held up. The run felt strange as I could tell that instantly my running gait had changed but it felt natural to run this way, I suffer with shin splints that I normally have insoles for but this time I felt no pain at all. When I got home I did however notice that there was a slight split where the sole was glued to the lycra, this is something I experience with normal shoes due to my wide shaped feet, but a quick email to Kloom and they offered me either a replacement with courier fees covered or 20% refunded with no quibble.

20150114_201638Overall I’m really impressed with the Kloom men’s lycra training shoe for the price, I even wear these around the house most of the time now. If you are looking for a shoe that you can go on medium to long barefoot runs with then I would advise you to invest in a more expensive pair like the Vibram Five Fingers, but for small runs and general gym use these are perfect. You instantly get that natural primal feel when training in them and can feel your legs working harder to keep balance, something that cushioned running shoes assist with. I would like to see a way of lacing or strapping these up as they did slip a bit at the back of the shoe but it wasn’t something that I was overly fussed about.

If you wan’t to take a look at the reviews or even purchase some for yourself then you can find them here


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