The Paleo Diet 101 – Guest Post from Krush Fitness

Hi there my name is Preston and if you are reading this post then you are about to see the wicked awesome infographic I created explaining the Paleo diet.


If you are new to the Paleo diet or learning about the Paleo diet this is going to be a great infographic giving you a very high-level overview of what this diet is all about and how it will benefit you.


Now before you check out the infographic I wanted to give you my thoughts on why I have started adopting the Paleo diet and why you should too… yes, I am not 100% committed to it, but I have started adopting the principles and will probably be 100% on the Paleo train very soon.


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From processed foods like TV dinners, sugary cereals, packaged meats, and the whole mix we have ruined our diets as Americans.


With all this “food” entering the market and grocery stores more and more people are ignoring what matters most when it comes to their health.


We are neglecting vegetables, the key source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for making the body function and protected us from harmful diseases. We are also replacing fresh lean protein sources like grass-fed cows and local farmed animal meats that carry quality nutrients and protein with processed packed meats and TV dinners that do nothing for us except fill us up with a bunch of sodium.


My question to you is are you aware that this never used to be a problem? Are you aware that you are causing long term health issues by not eating enough vegetables and by consuming processed foods?


And if you are aware… are you doing anything about it?


This is why I am adopting the Paleo diet… because at the end of the day we all want to be healthy. So ask yourself this questions if you want to live healthier:


What would a Caveman Do?


Paleo infographic


Thanks for reading my post and checking out my infographic. If you enjoyed this you can learn more about me at my personal website Krush Fitness Personal Training or message me on Google and I will be more than happy to talk to you!

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