A New Online Training Programme

Are you looking for valuable fitness advice? Would you like to join an online training programme?

Then keep on reading and join me in getting a beach body.

Eating the right food will help you lose weight and feel better in your overall health, but to get the body you have always wanted and to boost your health to the maximum you need to get in the gym.

But what do you do when you’re there? It can be daunting to a newbie or even if you have been a few times before you may still not know really what to do. The answer is to seek professional advice.

I have been in and out of the gym for a fair few years now but although I don’t consider myself out of shape, I am in no way in the best shape that I can be. So I have the opportunity to try a new online training programme from the guys at Fighting For Fitness Acadamy.

I will be using this programme over the next 12 weeks and will continue to give updates as to how I am finding it and the results that I am getting.

I would also like to invite you to do the same, so if you are ready to make a change to your health and want to improve your fitness then click the link here below:



You can also find Fighting For Fitness Acadamy on Facebook by clicking here.

If you do get involved I would love to hear about how you’re getting on in the comments section below. Also (if you feel brave enough) why not share your transformation pics. Here’s my before pic below, you will have to wait 12 weeks for the after pic 😉

New Gym Selfie