Motivation Monday – Kris Dim.

It’s Monday again, mornings seem to be more blurry than normal, the bed feels more a like heated cloud and the weekend seems like an eternity away. It’s with this I like to share some motivational people with you to help you remember that no matter what, you can carry on and fight through whatever obstacles you may face.Kris Dim pose

This week I have chosen Kris Dim, Kris is an IFBB professional bodybuilder turning pro in 2003. Kris has also featured in various different fitness and bodybuilding magazines including the cover of FLEX magazine.

OK, so this in itself is pretty impressive, this has taken Kris determination and years of hard work to get to this level of fitness and competitiveness but this is not the reason Kris is my Monday Motivation.

The reason is because on the 8th June 2007 Kris  suffered from a heart attack,from this he recovered and continued to compete on stage but then in 2012 whilst operating on Kris to repair a stent it didn’t go to plan, a stroke during the operation caused a spinal injury that Doctors said he would have a 0.3% chance of ever walking again. Kris refused to accept this and replied with “I will 100% be walking again” From then on Kris has continued to dig deep and push himself more than he would ever imagine,

Kris Dim with walking aidNow Kris regularly posts pictures and videos of his rehabilitation program on Facebook, I follow Kris on here and each and every post inspires me to be a better person, to push beyond my boundaries and to remember regardless of what problems I may be facing there will always be someone out there fighting their own battles that are likely to be worse than my own.

Kris’s story is something that will continue to motivate me going forward and I wish him all the very best in his own journey to being able to walk, squat and leg press again. If you would like to follow Kris then click this link to take you to his Facebook page;


I hope this little story of Kris’s helps to inspire and motivate you as well like it did me. Whatever journey you’re on have the belief that you can do it, that you will do it and that you will succeed.

Learn from the past, live for the future.