I know this a bit late to do a Monday Motivation but today has been a very busy day indeed.

Iv’e chosen this week the one and only Mark Sisson, Mark is the reason why I am writing this blog and also the reason why I look towards the Primal lifestyle more than any other way of living.mark-sisson-2

Mark Sisson is a fitness author and blogger himself, with great success and plenty of wisdom. I mean have you seen this guy without a top? He’s ripped, with more muscle than most guys in there 20’s, not bad for someone who is nearly 60 years old.

Mark is also the founder of the Primal Blueprint, now if you haven’t already read anything to do with this then i suggest having a look on Google now. The Primal Blueprint is more than just a diet, it’s a way of life with a paleo approach to eating but with a more relaxed attitude towards what you can eat. This has proven popular as we all know that sticking to a strict diet can be harder than hitting the gym.

For me I feel that Mark has cracked it when it comes to living the right way, sleep more, eat natural foods, play more and lift heavy things. I try to incorporate as much of Mark’s wisdom into my own daily lifestyle as I can and find it to be a big benefit to my overall well-being. As I mention before Mark is the reason I write this blog so I can share with you all my experiences and advice about this way of living.

So with the Primal Blueprint, a proven track record in fitness including being an Olympic qualifier in running, coming 4th in the iron man world championships and a really great outlook on life, Mark Sisson deserves the spot of being first on my Monday Motivation list.

If you’re interested in Mark or Primal Blueprint you can find his website here


and his blog here


What are your thoughts and feelings on the Primal Blueprint?

Learn from the past, live for the future.