Long Time No Hear…

Wow it really has been a while since I last wrote a blog post.

You are probably wondering where I had gone and what had happened, well first of all I want to apologise for not giving you the info that you have been reading and looking forward to. I will be open and honest and will say that stresses of family life, blogging and normal daily work got to me in the end and I burnt out.

I think there is no shame in admitting this and no doubt there are many people out there that do, are doing and will do the exact same.

So what now? well I am certainly going to learn from my mistakes and now the biggest part of the year (Xmas) is out of the way I can focus on providing you all with fitness and diet articles to help you with your own health goals.

I would like to say that this year will bring more luck but I don’t think that luck plays a part in success, it comes from hard work and clever planning. I just need to plan my day better and not take on so much work lol.

So please take this post as a way of saying sorry to you all, and also a personal reminder to myself that learning from the past & living for the future is why I started this blog in the first place 🙂

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