Living Paleo In A Non-Paleo Family

Are you living paleo in a non-paleo family? Are you finding it a struggle or do you have your loved ones full support?

This scenario is what I personally go through, you see for me I eat and live the primal way and reap all the great benefits that come along with it but my future wife and my 3 children do not eat like this, they’re still happy to chow down on foods that we all consider to not be part of the paleo way of eating due to the complications they can cause.

Now don’t get my wrong they don’t eat unhealthy in the sense that they gorge on copious amounts of processed foods like a kid from the 90’s eating turkey twizzlers (thank the stars they got banned). They will eat foods most would consider healthy, pasta meals, home made stews and so on, but they won’t eat the way I do. At first I tried to get them to eat the same way as me and the more I learnt through reading The Primal Blueprint, the more I tried to educate my family into understanding that what they were eating was doing more damage than good, but I found that the more I preached this way of life on them the more they would refuse and it eventually began causing tension in the household and arguments over the shopping list. This isn’t the way I wanted it to be, I was just trying to point out that what the government states as being the right way to eat and implements in our schools is not necessarily correct. I urged them to just try even for a short period of time and showed them the 21 day challenge but I came to realise that I can’t just force this way of eating on them, it wasn’t fair of me to do so.

So what did I do? Well I continued to eat the way I do (obviously) but I no longer tried to get everyone else in the family to eat this way, at the end of the day if they didn’t want to then they didn’t have to and that’s ok. I know each and everyone of us that are living a paleo lifestyle will want to the rest of the world to eat this way because for us we can see the health benefits, but we can’t force it onto people, what we can do is have the information freely available so that as and when people decide to take action on their health they can easily access valuable sources of information to help educate themselves better.

If you’re living in a non-paleo family then like me you must also have similar conversations when it comes to the shopping list, things become more expensive and separate meals are cooked and it can cause divides in the family. What can you do about it?

  • Find family favorite meals and work out what the paleo equivalent would be.
  • Golden rule is to talk with each other, explain why you are eating this way and you just want support.
  • DO NOT force it onto them, if they don’t want to eat this way then so be it, it’s their body at the end of the day.
  • Get your family involved. Grow your own vegetables and herbs, giving everyone a chance to learn about nutrition, seeing the shopping savings and tasting the quality (great for kids)

This is what I now do in my family and it worked wonders, my fiance will ask me if there’s certain meals that I will or wont eat and ask if some of the ingredients can be replaced in meals that she and the kids want to eat. Communication has been the key and showing that this is not just a one minute way of eating, it’s not a fad and I intend on eating and living this way until the end.

Have you got similar agreements in your house or have you found a different way to live the way you want but with your family’s support? Then I would love to hear about it, leave a comment below.