How to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Thinking about how to create a bee-friendly garden? Wondering why you should help support bees?

You’re sitting in your garden, enjoying the summer sun when all of a sudden Mr Bumble comes buzzing along to check you out. Do you scream, jump up and reach for the nearest rolled up newspaper? Or do you say hi and offer a spoonful of sugar water?

From an early age we are taught that these little guys (wrongly) pose a threat to us, and it’s all thanks to the ‘not so’ friendly wasp (but even these guys will only harm you if they feel threatened) and over the years we have all lead to decrease in the bees population, which in turn has started to have negative impacts on the foods we eat.

You see bees are important, very important in fact, and this chart from the BBC shows just how important they are for the pollination of food and for the contribution to the economy.


But it doesn’t end there, the importance of bees stretches far beyond just the creation of honey, and if no bees were around to help with the pollination of other plants and flowers then we can be sure to see a negative impact on other areas, such as livestock.


So what would happen if all the bees were to die? Well this video should help explain that


So you can see that we have a responsibility towards the bee, not just to keep them buzzing around in our garden, but also to help support the production of healthy foods.

Not only that there are some incredible health benefits to drinking honey water as well.

The good news is, you don’t need to go out and invest in a bee farm to do this, you can simply do some quick changes in your own garden to give these little guys a fighting chance, and this infographic from FIX shows you how to create a bee-friendly garden.



How to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden