How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Are you wondering how mindfulness can change your life?

Mindfulness is a term that is heard more and more these days. Talk about mindfulness a few years back and you were seen as either a hippy or someone who should be wearing orange robes, a shaved head and off to Tibet. That’s not the case anymore, mindfulness is often recommended by Doctors as a way to combat stress and help overcome some of the daily challenges that we all face.

Mental health-related problems are becoming more known in recent years, with people very bravely opening up about their mental health issues and taking positive steps towards making a difference and fighting their demons. In a UK-Wide stress study, it was estimated that 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. That is an alarming number of people feeling the pressures of stress, and it’s stress that can cause a wide range of health problems as mentioned by the NHS, including headaches, feeling anxious, muscle pain, sleeping problems, dizziness, and so on.

So it’s clear that stress is a real issue, not just in the UK but around the world, and the thing is, it can be helped, if not eliminated with just spending 10-15 minutes a day practising mindfulness. Now before you think you need to go out and purchase a meditation mat, some incense and lock yourself away in a room; there are a number of ways that you can practise mindfulness and reap the rewards from it. These different ways can range from mindful walking, mindful eating and even tuning in your breath to the rhythm of your walk.

If you want some guided help to get you started then we recommend the Headspace app, which has a free option and a subscription option to unlock more guided meditation series, and more specific meditations, but there is something for everyone, from dealing with stress to help with your sleep, to managing anxiety and boosting your creativity.

So how do you practise mindfulness? Well this great infographic from shaktihimlaya.com explains 4 ways, from mindful walking, mindful breathing, mindful eating and mindful attitude.


how mindfulness can change your life