BOOK REVIEW: Introduction to Paleo

Are you looking for a book that’s an introduction to paleo?

Then this could be the book for you!

I was recently sent a copy of the book buy priligy in uk Introduction to Paleo by Rebecca Field from Paleo Diet and Fitness. Although I have been paleo/primal for a while now it’s always nice to revisit the basics, but I also wanted to see if this was a book worthy to share with my readers, so here is my review.

About the book and Rebecca

The book is part of a series from Rebecca Field and as the book title suggests, it’s an introduction to paleo. If you are looking for a book that has a further deeper look into what paleo is and the effects paleo has on your health and fitness, then this may not be the book for you.

At the beginning of the book, Rebecca gives a little insight into her background, what lead her to live a paleo lifestyle and write the book. Rebecca has been paleo since 2009 after trying a variety of ‘diets’ and going up and down in dress sizes, Rebecca talks from experience and has made it her mission to spread the word of paleo as just like Introduction-to-Paleo rebecca fieldmany others, she has reaped the rewards.

Within the first couple of pages Rebecca had hit the nail on the head with one paragraph;

“I had strangely never associated any “diet” with actually providing nourishment to my body. It was usually just all about the weight loss and how I would look. I never previously¬†considered that it would be beneficial to actively nourish my body”

This is a thought that no doubt goes through most minds when people are first considering making a change. I need to lose weight, I have to diet to lose weight, I need to go on a diet to get skinny. At no point do people think, I need to diet to give my body the nourishment that it needs to function correctly and so I can feel better in myself.

buy provigil overnight delivery “The thing about the paleo diet is that it is not really a “diet” at all but a way of allowing your body to function effectively” – Rebecca Field

The Positives

There’re a few positives about this book that has made it a joy to read. There are points that have been made that I feel are important when learning about the paleo diet and are often missed out from introductions.

Instead of going into detail about each one I will just highlight what I feel are the positives about this book. The reason is I wouldn’t want to spoil the book for you ūüôā

  • Good breakdown into the importance of insulin when it comes to weight loss and how paleo helps this.
  • Short but informative paragraphs on different hormones in the body that need to be considered when working towards a fitter body.
  • What food is and how your body uses it.
  • Not just weight loss that is mentioned but how eating paleo can benefit you in other ways such as mood levels and quality of sleep.
  • Rebecca has had a realistic approach to explaining paleo and has a section on the side effects paleo could have on you.
  • Section on the different foods you can and can’t eat on paleo and why.
  • Easy to follow 7-day planner that is not just about food but self-awareness and sleep as well.
  • A full list of recipes¬†that relate to the meals that Rebecca has suggested that you eat in the 7-day planner.
  • Handy shopping list so you can quickly grab all the items you need for your first 7 days.
  • Easy to read ‘Paleo at a Glance’ reference guide at the back of the book.


The not so positive

Although there are many good points about this book, there are a couple of things that I would like to have seen differently or included in the book just to make it that little bit more better.

These are:

  • Near the start of the book when explaining the different foods that you can and cannot eat when paleo, I would have liked to have seen a clearer divide between the can’s and cant’s as the text is similar to the subheadings. Just bolding the text would have been enough.
  • Rebecca talks about that you can have alcohol occasionally¬†when paleo but doesn’t go into details as to which alcohols this includes. Maybe a bit more information on this would be beneficial, for example, I wouldn’t recommend drinking larger/beer when paleo but wines and spirits could be considered.
  • Personally I would have liked to have seen more than just a 7-day planner but this is personal preference and no doubt a 7-day introduction would be all most people would need to get going.

So in terms of postives vs not so positive it’s clear that the pro’s outweigh the cons.


So crunch time, do I recommend this book?

As I mentioned at the start of this post, if you’re looking for a detailed look into paleo then this may not be the book for you, but as a starting point for someone who knows nothing about paleo then this book is ideal.

It has everything that you need to get going, a good look into what paleo is, the benefits it has on your health in more ways than just weight loss, an easy to follow planner and tasty recipes as well.

So out of 5 cavemen this book gets a solid 4 and 1/2 cavemen.

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