On Your Bike! Why Cycling is Amazing



Thankfully, despite the abundance of cars out there, cycling is becoming more and more popular. If you’re on the verge of getting yourself a bicycle, then check out this article. It explores the best benefits of this lifestyle. Hopefully, it pushes you towards this amazing form of exercise and travel!


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Perhaps the most obvious answer is that it really gets the job done. It’s a low-impact exercise, which means it’s quite easy on the joints when compared to something like running. This makes it very accessible, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not amazing exercise. Your cardiovascular fitness is going to improve tremendously if you cycle for 2-3 hours every week. This results in so many benefits. It helps relieve stress, breathe easier, and sleep better. Even if this article doesn’t convince you to get a bicycle, it should at least convince you to look into stationary cycling.


It’s safer than you think


A lot of people think about the dangers of cycling. After all, you usually see cyclists on the road, often almost getting hit by cars. But a lot of these cyclists simply put themselves in danger by not following the rules of the road. (Granted, a lot of drivers do the same.) Besides, you’re not limited to the road if you want to go cycling. There are plenty of cycling paths all around that allow you to do this exercise without being close to cars. You can also look into bicycle insurance for further protection.




It’s great for exploring


If there’s one thing we love here, it’s seeing more of the world. It’s difficult to say that cycling will help you “see more of the world” – after all, a bicycle can’t exactly take you too far from home. But there’s no denying that taking rides farther from home and trying to find new paths is an exciting activity. And if you do decide to take your bicycle with you to another country? Then that gives you an excuse to explore some of the less-travelled paths of that location.


It’s practical


A bicycle provides you with the means of getting from A to B while also helping you keep fit. What could be more practical than that? There’s also the fact that cycling saves you a ton of money when compared to driving or taking public transport. And how can the dreary commute possibly compare to a fresh and exhilarating bike ride? You’ll feel less stressed and more invigorated when you reach your destination. Oh, and there’s also the whole “it’s great for the environment” thing.




It works well with a Paleo diet
Frequent cycling often calls for quite a specific diet. It’s not a restrictive one, but it often requires a good amount of fat, salt, and carbs. This is true for many forms of exercise, of course. Some people may not think it can work well with a Paleo diet. Admittedly, it does mean tweaking the average Paleo diet. But it is possible! So you don’t have to worry that introducing cycling to your life will require you giving up aspects of your Paleo lifestyle.