App Review – My Fitness Pal

If you haven’t heard of Myfitnesspal then I’m very shocked, this app has been around for a while now and I started to useScreenshot_2015-01-20-20-11-33 it back in September 2011. Since then I have continued to have it on my phone and it’s one of the first apps that I download if I change my phone. I will use Myfitnesspal on and off and seem to only really use it if i’m trying to bulk up, but others I have spoken to who use the app for dieting have been equally impressed, and so they should be because in my eyes this is a must have for anyone trying to lose or gain weight.

It’s not just about losing or gaining weight though, it can be used to ensure that you are eating the right foods as well, it has this great feature where you can keep track of your daily macros ie. your protein, carbs and fats plus any vitamins that your body requires daily.

The app is well designed and easy to read, it gives the option to put in your height, weight and even body measurements. With this you can then put in how much weight you want to lose/gain and by how many pounds per week. This will then give you the recommended amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats to eat each day. You can set reminders to log food and it also tells you how many days you have logged in for and helps motivate you to keep logging on. The app also syncs with other fitness apps and external devices such as pedometers so it can use the data to help update your calories throughout the day, it also has the option to add your own exercises in that you have done to get an accurate calorie reading for the day.

You enter your foods that you have eaten by adding to your diary, it gives you the option to either search for the food or it has the option to scan the barcode which makes it so much faster and convenient. I was very surprised at how many Screenshot_2015-01-20-20-12-39different foods it found, I have used similar apps before where it has taken me half an hour just to add my food in for the day. This was a breeze and you can select and change the quantity of food, then this will automatically correct the values of the calories and macros. You can choose between breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus include your water intake for the day.

Open up the menu on the left of the app and it gives you plenty of other features that Screenshot_2015-01-20-20-12-25make this app stand out against the rest, you can include your own recipes and foods, talk within the Myfitnesspal community to help support other people using the app, check on your progress, set reminders and goals and also add friends. There’s also a nutrition section that you can check your daily nutrition either in details or as an overall pie chart which is very clear and easy to understand.

The apps and devices that it can connect to just adds to the brilliance of this app, with popular apps supported such as Endomondo Sports Tracker, Jawbone UP, MapMyFitness and Runtastic. This app just makes eating the right way as easy as 1,2,3 and it’s no wonder it has fantastic reviews on both the Android Play store and Apple iTunes App store. Some of the highlights that Myfitnesspal include in their description are;

  • 100% FREE – no hidden charges or in-app purchases.
  • Largest food database with over 5,000,000 foods and growing daily.
  • Recipe importer – lets you visit any recipe on the web and easily import and track it with just a tap.
  • Easiest and fastest food entry – remembers your favorites, add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals and more.

I personally love this app and find it perfect for my needs, so I would highly recommend that you download this app and give it a go.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this app and has it helped you lose/gain weight?

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