And so it begins!

The start of the new year had me thinking, this whole “New year, new me” quote that was going around. I’ve always been the type of person to start something new regardless of what time of the year it is, but it occurred to me that the one thing that I have said that i wanted to do but have not got round to is writing this blog with the dream of setting up my own fitness company.

So I have taken that quote that is used by so many at this time of year for fitness reasons and applied it to my own personal life. So far this will be just a hobby and a way to keep in touch with like minded people and hopefully offer some free advice to others that are on the same healthy path.

I have been a gym-goer for the past 10 years now but only really got serious about my fitness around 4 years ago. In this time i have tried different types of fitness, from running to weightlifting and cycling to rock climbing. What I have learnt is that i prefer the primal style of living, I love to rock climb, run and lift heavy things. At the same time i truly believe that the primal way of living is a good choice, I won’t push this onto anyone as I also believe that whatever path you take, as long as it’s a healthy one, you’re making the right decision. All i’m saying is that for me the Primal lifestyle makes the most sense and one that I will refer to the most.

So if you want to keep up to date with what I have to say about the Primal way of living, my advice on exercise and food or fitness in general then please follow me and get involved.

Learn from the past, live for the future.