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About The Office Caveman

The Office Caveman started as a simple blog to help people keep on track with their fitness goals, to help motivate others to a happier and healthier lifestyle. After a short while, the knowledge started to expand, and moved into Primal/Paleo territories, after following the footsteps of Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint.

The primal/paleo lifestyle was still fairly new in the UK, and it became a mission to bring it to the UK audience to show how great this lifestyle was. Over time The Office Caveman grew, with more and more people following the advice given, sharing the knowledge that was provided and building a stronger community.

Slowly but surely, what started as a humble blog, now transformed into a brand and movement that helped inspire others to keep fit and healthy. Now The Office Caveman is about to transform once again, taking the next steps into providing more to the UK community. As well as still offering useful information about Primal/Paleo lifestyle, we’re now expanding into everything adventure. We want to help a wider audience to get active, feel happier and healthier and offer as much advice as possible, so whether you’re running, trail running, open water swimming, cycling, rock climbing, wild camping, kayaking etc. We are here to offering you some fantastic, inspirational and educational content that you can share with others to help promote a healthier lifestyle, one that is full of adventure.

It’s time we started getting more primal again, in this digital age. We’re are at a stage where children believe it to be normal to be stuck inside their room playing video games for hours on end, which in turn causes a number of health-related issues, both physically and mentally. We live on a beautiful planet, with endless opportunities¬†that provide us with everything we need to live long and happy lives. It’s time to step outside and get primal.

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