Simply Supplements Product Review: 5-HTP & Vitamin B Complex

Have you considered taking 5-HTP or vitamin B complex?

For the past few weeks now I have been taking religiously 5-HTP & vitamin B complex thanks to the wonderful guys at Simply Supplements. I specifically asked for these 2 products  as I have heard good things about 5-HTP in terms of lifting mood, waking up better and helping with sleep. Then the vitamin B complex to see if it made any difference in how I felt through the day.

So first a bit of information around each product, so lets start with 5-HTP


What is 5-Hydroxytryptophan?

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5 HTP) plays an essential role in the body’s production of serotonin, which is an important chemical messenger in the brain. It may also play a key role in the body’s synthesis of melatonin. Although the body naturally makes 5 HTP from the amino acid Tryptophan, dietary sources can help to supplement the body’s production.

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Serotonin and Mood

We live life at a demanding and challenging pace, which can take its toll on our bodies and serotonin levels. Serotonin is involved in mood, appetite and impulse control, and has a direct effect on our state of restfulness and restlessness. Because of this, serotonin is fondly referred to as the “happy hormone”.


What is Vitamin B Complex?


Vitamin B is unique from other vitamins because it actually consists of eight individual vitamins. Each of the B vitamins plays specific roles in the body and combines to offer a comprehensive supplement for general health and wellbeing. They essentially act coenzymes which assist every cell in the body and promote a healthy nervous system; a complex network of nerves that send signals to and from the brain.


Why take a Vitamin B supplement?


Vitamin B supplements are popularly taken to support healthy brain function, boost energy levels and combat feelings of stress. Many people also find that B vitamins help to lower high homocysteine levels, which are closely linked to heart disease and cognitive decline. Vitamin B tablets can also support women’s health by regulating hormonal activity throughout the month.

At first i was taking just one of the 5-HTP tablets 1 hour before bed and then one vitamin B complex tablet in the morning. I did this for about a week and didn’t really notice any difference, but I put this down to my body as I seem to find that due to my 6 foot 3 frame I need larger doses of tablets. So this is what I done, I increased both to two tablets and I can honestly say that I then started noticing the difference within a couple of days.

I was finding that I was getting tired earlier (I normally start feeling sleepy around 1am) but with these I was getting tired around 11pm which for me is fantastic. I am now waking up in the morning feeling great as well, and I’m sure that this goes out to a majority of people, mornings are never the easiest part of the day. Having this burst of energy and smiling the moment I wake up all seems a little surreal but I wont knock it.

Then with thanks to the vitamin B complex I am able to get through my day with plenty of energy and stress free (well almost) It has been noted that vitamin B complex can help improve skin, I personally haven’t noticed this but my skin is terrible any way and always has been. The tablets themeselves are small so easy to swallow and you do get enough tablets in the pot (120) to last you a while even with taking 2 a day.

Out of the two products that I have been trialing I would definitely say that the 5-HTP has had the most impact on me. With the vitamin B complex it’s harder to say, as mentioned before I do find myself having more energy than normal but this could also be the 5-HTP playing it’s part.

Overall I would highly recommend the 5-HTP to anyone that wants to alleviate mood problems and wake up feeling fab. With the vitamin B I think it’s a good idea to to get this into your system anyway so wouldn’t say no to including this into your daily supplements.

Both products are available from Simply Supplements, the 5-HTP is priced at £12.49 for 60 tablets and the Vitamin B Complex are priced at £3.69 for 120 tablets. Also Simply Supplements provide FREE 2 day delivery on their products and the chance of a free gift when you spend £25 or more, now that’s pretty decent service if you ask me.

If you have tried these products before, know someone that has or even if you know of another product that can help my skin, then leave a comment below.

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